Arrival in Guangzhou

1. By Taxi (about RMB 150, one hour):
Taxi service is also very convenient in Guangzhou. The fee is charged by distance. An available Taxi displays a red sign of "空车(Empty)" near the front windshield. Please keep the printed invoice when you get off so that you can contact the taxi driver or the taxi company in case of any problems. 

2. By Bus (about RMB 30): 
Take the Airport Express Bus to the New Pearl River Hotel (line 6) or to Guangzhou Textile Exchange Park (line 10), get off and walk to the South Campus (10 min). 

3. By Metro (about RMB 12):
Take Line 3 (to Tiyuxi Road) to the Tiyuxi Road Station. Transfer to another Line 3 (Tianhe Coach Terminal to Panyu Square) and when you get to the Kecun Station, then you can transfer to Line 8 (towards Fenghuang Xincun). Get off the train at Sun Yat-sen University Station (Exit A). 

Arrival in Hong Kong 
1. Take the HK-Guangzhou Express: 
a. Take a taxi from HK Airport to Hung Hom (红磡) Train Station (about HKD350). 
b. Get on the HK-Guangzhou Express and you will arrive at the East Train Station of Guangzhou. (about HKD190-230) 
c. Follow the instruction there and you will find the metro entry. (South Campus: line 3+line 8) 

2. Take a bus to Guangzhou (about HKD230-250): Ask the Bus Service Staff to check bus arrangements heading for Guangzhou.